No Carnival for 2011

Bulga Bushmens Carnival
This year’s Bulga Bushmen’s Carnival has been cancelled due to a shortage of volunteer helpers. Hopefully this means next year’s event will be a big one. Planning has begun already.

Volunteers Wanted

Like all community groups, we are looking for new blood. Our core group of volunteers are aging (sorry folks, but it is true!) or young and having to go far away for work (good on them!).

We have decided to leap into the 21st century and take a technological approach to recruitment of volunteers. So, if you can help, post a comment here and/or leave your contact details (phone or email) and we will get back to you to have a chat about what’s needed and what you may be able to do to help us in 2012.

We will appreciate all the help you can give, no matter how much or how little.


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